Drone Operations for Public Agencies

If your agency is considering a Drone/UAS program, or already has a

The rules, laws, and requirements for public agency and commercial 14 CFR Part 107 pilots are different and confusing. FAA rules authorize and recommend public agencies “self-certify” and fly under a Certificate of Authorization (COA).  A failure to abide by FAA rules, federal/state laws, and current case law specific to public agency UAS operations could place your agency in legal jeopardy!

This course will discuss the pros/cons and differences between Part 107 and COA flights. We will cover, and go beyond basic Part 107 knowledge, and focus on what really matters for today’s public agency UAS operations.


Insight Drones is the leader in public agency drone training.


  This course is taught by a seasoned, licensed, current law enforcement UAS Team Leader with years of aviation experience. The instructor will provide your agency with information on the latest rules and laws, and will assist you in building a professionally trained, properly certified, and well-managed public agency UAS program.

Topics Covered:
✓ 14 CFR Part 107 and COA Flights. Pros/Cons & Important Differences
✓ Certificate of Authorization (COA) Development. A How to Guide
✓ FAA Rules and Considerations Pre-Flight, Flight, and Post-Flight
✓ UAS Registration and Markings
✓ Airspace and Coordination with Air Traffic Control
✓ Federal, State, and Case Law Pertaining to Public Agency UAS Use
✓ Warrant Requirements for Law Enforcement UAS Flights
✓ Law Enforcement UAS Best Practices and Techniques
✓ UAS Team Coordination with Patrol, SWAT and K9 Units
✓ Agency UAS Policy
✓ Pilot and Team Training Requirements
✓ Inspections, Maintenance and Battery Disposal
✓ Flight Crew Considerations
✓ Safety Management System
✓ Communications Architecture, Data and Evidence Collection



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